Book Designs


Book Designs

The books i have designed were created for university projects which i then took a step further to fix then publish them.

Ghouls Lore

A diary style book I wrote and illustrated following the story of a man who investigates and documents mythical creatures who is trying to investigate the death of his wife.

The book documents descriptions, personal experiences with the creatures, statistics and an illustration of what the creature would look like.

I designed the book to be modern but with old fashioned casing showing it was written before the spike in technology. It is wrapped in leather and was printed with a 400gsm paper with deckered edges. Post print i also added extra items such as leaves, coins, and other mythical objects.

It was then placed in a personally made box with a ink pen, ink bottle and a red seal.


Facilitate the nut

The purpose of this catalogue is to inform on the different types of sex toys
and also liberate women in modern society who don’t feel like they are
sexually gratified. The target audience of this book is people who would like
to learn more about sex toys, how they work, and reviews of them, and also
activists and spokes people for womens rights.
This has been navigated by having a very intense and informative topic
such as sex toys mixed with a very casual, sarcastic and humorous tone of
voice to make it more of a casual topics and normalise it. The colour and
type choices do this as they are both very bright, vibrant and not hidden
(like how the topic is discussed in society). The point of the catalogue is to
make it loud and in peoples faces to make the topic seem normal the bright
colours and bold fonts compliment this.
The large detailed graphics and photograph choices such as the colourful
dildo and moist ovipositor also support this as they are not hidden or
disguised, they are proud and open to their role, generally the largest asset
on the page.
The second largest asset on the page is the title or name of the item which
also supports this fight for liberation by being large and bold, they also all
hold humorous and straight to the point type so they aren’t trying to hide
what they are.
This catalogue will hopefully normalise the topic of sex toys and
masturbation, making people and particularly women comfortable to talk
about their sexual experiences. This could eventually overcome issues such
as sexual trauma that is never discussed by making it a more talked about

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