About Me

My names Beth Keesing but my friends unfortunately call me Beef. I am a in house Graphic Design, and out of house creative in design, illustration, web, and music.

As an enthusiastic artist I desire to try every creative outlet there is. I’m currently a Graphic Design and Game Design student at Curtin University.
But being a student hasn’t stopped me launching my career early and gaining experience early.

I have worked and studied in many different areas and can confidently say I’m a jack of many trades.

About Bikki

Bikki originated from my name Beth Keesing shortened from BeeKee. It was an attempt to create an artistic alias that is easy to remember, supplies a simplistic base for branding, and design purposes.

My desire for Bikki is to express my artistic and creative projects and to be my go to portfolio. The brand my reflect me in it’s essence.

I’d like Bikki to be used for social projects and also corporate/professional work.


Before studying graphic design i was in illustration and this enhanced my skills in character design and digital painting.

3D Modelling

I gained this unique skill through my studies in Game Design. I use maya to build 3D models and arnold renderer to textures.

Web Design

This is one of the skills i learnt outside of uni from inhouse experience. I built my first website for another uni student using wordpress, and continued to get jobs in web design including my current in-house position.


In my graphic design studies I have learnt about marketing research for branding, logo design, brand direction and asset design.


My Experience

Throughout my journey at Uni and also in the workforce I have gained many unique skills due to my minor in Game Design

Meet Me

The Face Behind The Designs

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